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Working from home

Working from Home

So, the boss says work from home - what next? For many of us, the workplace is where our connections are. Our friends, colleagues, and 'frolleagues'.  Our lunch dates, our small talk moments. Drinks after work or just the occasional nod over the coffee machine. Suddenly expectations change and we need to work from home, in isolation. Over the next weeks we will post our top tips on how to manage this to ensure the work gets done and our well being is maintained as much as possible.

Working from home tips:

  1. Find a dedicated work area. If you do not have a study or office at home, commandeer part of the dining table, kitchen bench –  or anywhere you can put a chair and sit comfortably

  2. Develop a routine as if you were going out to work. Get up, exercise, breakfast, shower, dress,  work  

  3. Make a plan. Create a work project to-do list at the start of the day

  4. Use the pomodoro technique to help with concentration and productivity. Split work tasks into 25-minute blocks (pomodoros) with short breaks in between, and longer breaks after 4 completed sessions

  5. Listen to music or other background sounds to add atmosphere and feel less alone

  6. Schedule in some exercise - plenty of inspo on youtube, or create your own 30 minute workout. For those with a garden, get out into the fresh air and spend time with the plants

  7. Eat well - so important for many reasons. Stick to regular meal times and limit snacking. 


Useful apps for the home office:

Productivity  - Pomodoro Bear Focus Timer

Time tracking software for project management - Toggl

Keeping in touch - Slack

Video conferencing - Zoom or Skype 


Our Mission

At best, loneliness is an unpleasant feeling someone experiences now and then. At worst, persistent loneliness can pose health risks as harmful as obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

It can even lead to early death.

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