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The Loneliness Project addresses loneliness and social isolation in local communities across Australia by creating resources to connect people aligned by a common experience.  



our aims


  • We strive to provide services and mentoring to identified community sectors feeling isolated and lonely. We will do this through respect and not judging

  • We will talk about loneliness and social isolation so it is seen as the social and economic issue that it is.

  • We recognise the value that research brings to debates.


our actions

  • Through partnerships with organisations that provide social work, physiology and counselling services, we seek to address social isolation and loneliness of carers by making available resources that connect people aligned by this common experience.  These resources will help carers cope with the emotional position they find themselves.  

  • We would like to address workplace loneliness for freelancers thorough coworking communities in the suburbs - innovative and inspirational spaces for small business owners to meet, learn and share. With support from sponsors, our spaces will be welcoming and accessible to small home based businesses. Regular communal lunches, yoga/wellness sessions, PD seminars and happy hours will facilitate the sense of workplace community

  • For people who experience an abrupt change of circumstances, we will develop resources to connect people aligned by the common experience of upheaval to help alleviate some of the isolation and help people cope with the emotional position in which they find themselves. 


Our dream


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